About Happy Hounds

My life is made more delightful with my pack of rescue dogs. But it really started to bother me that I had to add things to their pellets, like gravy, olive oil etc to encourage them to eat. I started to think about how I like to live my life, to treading gently in the world, eating organic food and ethically farmed meat. In my home I have as little plastic as possible and recycle or compost wherever I can. This got me thinking about the mass production of pellets. Is this not adding to the mass farming of animals and mono farming with pesticides as well as contributing to land fill with all the packaging? Why would I do this to the planet and feed my dogs food that is potentially filled with hormones, antibiotics and pesticides?!

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So, Happy Hounds was born. I sourced ethically farmed pasture fed meat, organic veg from micro farmers in Cape Town and armed with loads of research, started to make my own dog food for my pack. And then it grew and as it did, I had to package Happy Hounds for my customers. The product was awesome but I had to make sure my packaging was also ethical, so I sourced only compostable containers. The rest is history as they say.

Happy Hounds is filled with protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and Omegas. No grain, no bulking, no additives. My life changed as I watched my dogs literally pirouette out of the door at meal times to their bowls. They are shinier, have sparkly eyes and they are literally happier! They are more playful and fun to be with. 

Happy Hounds, Happy Planet