About Happy Hounds

2020 was a challenging year for many of us, but it also gave us time at home to reflect on our life priorities. For Happy Hounds founder, Emma Kaye, this meant acknowledging the critical support role our pets play in our lives, and the negative impact mass-produced pet kibble has on both pet health and our planet’s sustainability. 

So she started to make her own dog food using only organic vegetables and ethically, sustainably farmed meat. Dogs loved the food and humans loved how happy and healthy their dogs were, so Happy Hounds was born. 

Happy Hounds is now on a mission to put food back into dog food. 

We do this by:

  1. Making real, organic, delicious and sustainable pet food and delivering it directly to our customers.
  2. Growing the understanding of how pet food affects: 
    1. pet well-being;
    2. the welfare of farmed animals;
    3. community value-chains; and
    4. planet sustainability

As of December 2021, we have delivered around 130 000 meals* to all our happy hounds customers since launching in June 2020. 
*based on feeding guidelines for a 12kg hound

We believe in transparency. Feel free to visit our wonderful commercial kitchen, retail and office space in Woodstock to see the food being made and shop directly. Our small team love it when you bring your hounds in too, so we can all spoil them a little. 

We are immensely grateful for your support of our small business, and in turn, your support of the community value chains in our circle. We love hearing from you and sharing in your happy hounds’ health journeys. 

Happy Hounds, Happy Planet

Happy Hounds Team


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