1. Does Happy Hounds need to go in the fridge?

Each compostable tub of Happy Hounds comes to you frozen. Once defrosted, it must be kept in the fridge and can must be eaten within 4 days.

2. How long can I keep my Happy Hounds in the Deep Freeze

We typically recommend a maximum of 6 months.

3. Should Happy Hounds be fed warm or cold?

Once your food is defrosted, you can serve it either warm or cold but do not overheat it as it is already cooked and may lose some of its goodness. Warming it slightly releases the aromas and stimulates your dog's appetite.

4. How much should I feed my dog?

This is a question that is asked often and in all honesty, feeding a dog is not an exact science. It all depends on your dog's metabolism, how active he or she is, the time of the year and breed. So what follows here is only a guide and we recommend that you watch your dog to see how they respond to the servings you give them. Adjust if you need to. Your adult dog should be fed twice a day, morning and evening.

The recommendations below are daily amounts: 

Dog Size Body Weight Amount to Feed a Day
Tiny Dogs 1 - 2kg Between 65 - 160g per day
Small Dogs 5 - 10kg Between 220 - 360g per day
Medium Dogs 10 - 20kg Between 360 - 600g per day
Large Dogs 20 - 30kg Between 600 - 1200g per day


For puppies, feed three times a day around 4 - 10% of their body weight.

5. Can I use Happy Hounds with my kibble/pellets/biscuits?

The recommendation is not to mix your pellets with Happy Hounds as each meal is made to be a balanced meal. To avoid possible weight gain feed your dog pellets one meal and Happy Hounds the other meal.

6. How do I transition my dogs to Happy Hounds?

As most dogs have been fed the same food for a reasonable period of time, it is important to introduce new food gradually to avoid any digestive adjustment problems. 

If your decision is to change to Happy Hounds entirely, then we suggest  the following:

  • Start by mixing 25 percent Happy Hounds with 75 percent old food. Slowly increase the new food proportionately over the next 5-7 days until you are feeding 100 percent Happy Hounds.

7. Rotational Feeding

Rotating between the different meat varieties Happy Hounds offers makes sure that your dog/s do not get tired of eating the same thing daily, but also makes sure that they get a great variety of proteins and fats. 

8. Is your packaging recyclable?

All our tubs are 100% recyclable.

It is important to us that we minimise the impact we have on the planet and so we made sure that all our packaging can be recycled. So many pet products and pet food packaging just ends up in our land fill, and we want to avoid this. Please be sure to add your empty and rinsed tub to your weekly recycling.