Ordering Tips to Make Life Easier

Not only do we want to ensure you have great food for your dogs, we also want to make ordering an easy process for you. To help make things more convenient we have done two things:


We know life can get busy and sometimes you just want to be able to go to your online store and reorder rather than go through selecting each product one by one. So we have included an easy "Reorder" process, here is how:

  1. When you go to  www.happyhounds.co.za, register an account
  2. When you return to www.happyhounds.co.za to place your next order, log into your account and your previous orders will be shown. There is a clear "Reorder" button so that you do not have to go through the process of selecting each flavour and size repeatedly each week.
  3. Click "Reorder" and you will be taken to checkout. 

Making your life easier!

Order Reminders

Our days and weeks slip by without us noticing. Then suddenly we have forgotten to place our weekly, bi-monthly or monthly order of dog food and you are all out of food! To avoid this, we have set up a really easy system, here is how:

  1. Once you have selected a product, eg Mix and Match, you will be taken to the product page where you can select how many tubs you want. There is also a button that says this is a "One-time Purchase", or that you can  choose "Subscribe and Deliver".
  2. If you click on "Subscribe and Deliver" you will get the option to choose how frequently you want your delivery. Choose what suits you best.
  3. Assuming you choose "7 Days", you will receive an email with your reminder and it will take you straight to check out.

Making your life easier!

Note: We ARE NOT locking you into a subscription service! You will NOT be charged automatically every week (if you have chosen the 7 day option), you will only receive a payment link that will take you to checkout.