About Us

My life changed when I adopted my first pets eight years ago, two rescue kittens. One all black and the other with white feet, my little niece named them Socks and Shoes. My life changed.

Next were the dogs. Having worked in the slums I saw many dogs and it was not long before I rescued one, then two, then three. I can put hand on heart and say that they rescued me. Then when I was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy a little ginger kitten was abandoned outside my door, needless to say she is the new member of the family. She brought me such delight and joy during this time, how lucky am I!

I am passionate about my family of six, they have opened my heart, taught me to be vunerable, to be present and to love life. All animals, not just rescues, deserve to be spoilt and to be happy.

This shop focuses on dogs, our Best Friends. As I walk the mountains with them daily, I want to share my passion with you. At Lalalu Pets we want you to enjoy shopping for the products whether they are walking the mountains, eating or sleeping! 

Finally, I believe strongly in supporting organisations that do the tough work of rescuing and helping troubled or abused dogs. With each purchase, 5% of each sale goes to an incredible organisation Sidewalk Specials. Check them out in 'Organisation We Support'